Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cooking Class in Newport Beach

Do you have your chef's hat with you? I hope so, because it's almost time for the cooking class to begin. And if you're like me, everything you cook always turns out better if you wear your lucky hat!

We are at the Sur La Table housewares and cooking supplies store in Newport Beach. This shop is a veritable playground for those of us who love to cook. Frankly, even those who simply love to eat could probably find lots of inspiration within these walls.

Frequently, cooking classes are conducted in this separate area, just to the side of the display floor. These classes are often presented by individuals who have published cookbooks, by people who are chefs at restaurants in the area, by culinary instructors from near and far. Even if you don't attend a class, you can participate in the fun vicariously by browsing the store while the aromas waft nearby.

Let's go -- I see some gorgeous shrimp being taken out of the refrigerator now!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Charcuterie Window in Paris

Here we are in Paris, in the 16th arrondissement. I was on my way, on foot, from my hotel in the 15th. A nice, morning walk, past the Eiffel Tower, over the Seine, through the Trocadero gardens (all the while admiring the gorgeous fountains).

Through more streets of this pretty section of Paris -- quite residential -- on my way to the Marmottan Museum. I had been to the museum on an earlier trip and found it to be a delightful experience. A small museum, in an historic mansion, with lots of Monet paintings for me to ooh and aah over.

In Paris, getting there is often half the fun. Especially when you enjoy shop windows as much as I do. Here is the lovely display in the front window of a charcuterie, which is sort of a combination butcher shop and delicatessen. The day was a bit cloudy, so the photo isn't very bright. But the memory of those tasty items shines brightly in this tourist's heart!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Asparagus -- Not Bubbly-Friendly!

I love asparagus. White or green. Thick or thin. Steamed, roasted, sauteed. Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

And I feel quite the same way about champagne. Although that's not surprising. Who hasn't heard of some bubbly with eggs benedict for breakfast, with some cheese and bread and figs for a picnic lunch, with a multi-course feast of any kind for dinner.

But asparagus and champagne together? Well, I admit that I have combined them at the same meal. But even I, a lover of both of them individually, must admit that they don't go together all that well. Lots of chemical explanations for that, as the foodie books and articles explain.

But then after all, love and chemistry -- nothing new there, either!