Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cooking Class in Newport Beach

Do you have your chef's hat with you? I hope so, because it's almost time for the cooking class to begin. And if you're like me, everything you cook always turns out better if you wear your lucky hat!

We are at the Sur La Table housewares and cooking supplies store in Newport Beach. This shop is a veritable playground for those of us who love to cook. Frankly, even those who simply love to eat could probably find lots of inspiration within these walls.

Frequently, cooking classes are conducted in this separate area, just to the side of the display floor. These classes are often presented by individuals who have published cookbooks, by people who are chefs at restaurants in the area, by culinary instructors from near and far. Even if you don't attend a class, you can participate in the fun vicariously by browsing the store while the aromas waft nearby.

Let's go -- I see some gorgeous shrimp being taken out of the refrigerator now!


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I live in Northern CA about 50 miles west of Sacramento. Interesting that your blog includes Sur La Table (when I retired, my gift from the employees was a most generous gift certificate to SLT)- closest one is in Berkeley, so didn't have far to go.

Also interesting that your links include the Barefoot Contessa (she's already in my favorites list). As for cooking classes and outstanding fish, meat, and poultry, and fresh produce markets, there's a wonderful outfit, Nugget Stores, (based in Woodland, CA) that has a fabulous store in Vacaville, CA. And, in Sacramento, there's the historic Corti Brothers - almost lost their lease earlier this year to GoodEats, but there was a public outcry and CB is still going strong.

A friend told me about your blog - it's great. Keep up the good work.

Marilyn said...

Well, Anonymous, it sounds as if you have ample material right in your neck of the woods to write some pretty interesting foodie stuff! Before we know it, maybe we'll be able to read your very own food blog too ... hmmmm, what would it be called, GeoFeasts, perhaps? It might pay to check to see if www.GeoFeasts.blogspot is available and scoop it up while you can!

Thanks for your nice comments. My brief return from food-blog retirement was mostly precipitated by a big-time conversion/upgrade that Blogger put in place while I was on hiatus (so to speak). In converting my Ingredient Sleuth content to the new formats, I did lose some things and have been reinstating them now and then. It was worth it though -- the Blogger tools are infinitely more-friendly than they were in 2004-6. Mostly I wanted to be sure that things were working properly before creating a blog for multi-member participation. But who knows, maybe now and then I'll jot down some food posts again right here on Ingredient Sleuth. Stranger things have happened.

Anonymous said...

Re Corti Bros mentioned in a previous comment - Rick Kushman's column in this am's (6/3/09) Sacramento Bee Food & Wine section, highlights Darrell Corti's upcoming trip to Chile. He's been invited by the the Chilean Economic Development Agency, "which focuses on that country's fruit, olive, and wine industries. . . Corti, of course, is a world-class palate/expert on fruit, olives and wine - among so many other food and wine topics and the Chilean agency, called CORFU, wants to film Corti as he explores Chile's scene."

Marilyn said...

Mmmm, sounds as if Darrell Corti has a well-deserved dream job. I've had some Chilean wines that are fantastic. Concha el Toro is the primary vineyard that springs to mind. I hope you'll alert me when the reorts start appearing in the Kushman column? Gracias !

Doug said...

A very familiar site! I can almost taste the gelato from across the street (since we get some almost every time we go there!)

Elisa said...

Merci de ton passage par mon blog et de ton petit mot.
Bienvenu à mon univers....
À nous lire
Elisa, Argentine

☼ FRANCE ☼ said...

je n'ai pas pu mettre de com en haut enfin c'est ainsi