Sunday, March 01, 2009

Asparagus -- Not Bubbly-Friendly!

I love asparagus. White or green. Thick or thin. Steamed, roasted, sauteed. Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

And I feel quite the same way about champagne. Although that's not surprising. Who hasn't heard of some bubbly with eggs benedict for breakfast, with some cheese and bread and figs for a picnic lunch, with a multi-course feast of any kind for dinner.

But asparagus and champagne together? Well, I admit that I have combined them at the same meal. But even I, a lover of both of them individually, must admit that they don't go together all that well. Lots of chemical explanations for that, as the foodie books and articles explain.

But then after all, love and chemistry -- nothing new there, either!

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Anonymous said...

Try a Sancerre with asparagus instead. Look in the French white wines for it.