Saturday, March 18, 2006

Eating on Stilts in San Clemente?

There are so many great things to eat and drink, so much pretty scenery to see, all over Southern California. What a fabulous thing it is to combine all three in one experience!

In the city of San Clemente, for example, a well-known and well-patronized surfing beach offers plenty of entertainment for those who are less water-inclined than the blond and bronzed surfers! Oceanfront streets feature restaurants for a wide variety of tastes and budgets.

Slices of pizza, assortments of sushi, and pita sandwiches are just a few of the "ingredient" options available for beach picnics. Curving slightly, the street facing the San Clemente Pier is hilly and picturesque. Grassy areas, complete with picnic tables, are available for impromptu picnics! Wide-and-sandy beach is also ready and waiting for picnic-basket (or carryout-sack!) dining.

For restaurant dining, complete with all the trimmings, additional restaurants may be found along the oceanfront street and throughout the city. On the pier itself, two restaurants even offer above-water dining! What a pleasure it is to listen to ocean waves lapping underneath you as you sit at your table, perched high above the water.

Look east while you eat and see steep hillsides, palm trees and pastel houses. Look west to find surfers, sailboats, possibly a dolphin or two if the season is right and, of course, the blue Pacific for as far as your eye can see. Look north or south and enjoy visions of miles and miles of sandswept beachfront. There really isn't a bad side of the table, scenery-wise, in this setting.

It's kind of like gazing -- and eating -- on stilts. But, even better, your hands are free for knives, forks and goblets!

Happy travels and bon appetit,

Marilyn, The Ingredient Sleuth


Carolyn said...

We LOVE San Clemente because of everything you said, plus it is a REAL town of its own, not just a suburban sprawl kind of place. The downtown is so nice with its shops and restaurants. A real gem!

karen m said...

This sounds delightful!!!