Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cross the Tracks in San Juan Capistrano!

Just across the train tracks from the Amtrak station in San Juan Capistrano, the Los Rios Historic District lies waiting. It's not a long walk -- some of the buildings back right up to the train tracks.

Charming indoor/outdoor restaurants -- one of them complete with English Tea Service as an option to its regular menu of lunch and dinner choices -- and small gift shops comprise the "retail" spaces. Housed in houses (is that redundant?), the historic charm of these establishments is palpable.

Next door to retail spaces, more houses from San Juan Capistrano's early days, many still occupied by families, round out the neighborhood. One homestead even allows visitors to tour its barnyard areas and enjoy viewing the animals.

If the adobe construction and design didn't tip one off, the huge trees and other greenery (from cacti to bougainvillea) would leave no doubt as to the historic nature of the block-long district.

It is always a joy to "follow the swallows" to Capistrano -- and to follow them across the tracks to the Los Rios Historic District!

Happy travels & bon appetit!


Carolyn said...

San Juan Capistrano's Mission is always a delight and we go every spring when the flower and garden and art show is held there (which reminds me to check on when it is coming up this year!). These restaurants sound fabulous and we'll remember to cross the tracks when we are hungry this year! Thanks for the tips.

Anonymous said...

The Belgian restaurant in San Juan is excellent too. You can eat inside or outside and we have enjoyed everything we ever had there.