Thursday, February 17, 2005

Veggies -- In Miniature!

Every now and then, my browsings through the supermarkets or outdoor markets cause me to focus on superlative little (is that contradictory?) veggies. Typically, they are of the summer squash variety. Green, yellow, speckled green-and-yellow, white ... they are all just too cute for words.

And, they are way too tiny for me to imagine preparing them en masse as a cooked side dish. But, I have found a better way to go. More tasty -- and more economical. These baby veggies have sweet, subtle flavors that are best appreciated in the uncooked state. That way, all of the freshness, sweetness and chew-ability is maintained.

Simplicity is key for me. Combining several varieties of baby squash, for example, with some halved tiny tomatoes, a few fresh herbs or baby greens, some zippy vinegar or citrus juice, and a splash of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) creates the perfect Salade des petites. And, if you are of the peppery (or peppy!) persuasion, toss on a little bit of red pepper flakes, just for fun!

Bon appetit!

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